At least 20 dead and 27 missing in floods surrounding China's capital  Beijing, thousands evacuated - The Hindu

Unprecedented heavy rains have besieged China’s capital, Beijing, in recent days, resulting in severe flooding that has claimed the lives of at least 20 people, with 27 others reported missing, as per state media reports on Tuesday.

The torrential downpours have caused widespread devastation, flooding houses, and causing extensive damage to roads, which have been torn apart by the force of the water. The situation has become dire, leading to the evacuation of thousands of people from vulnerable areas to the safety of school gyms. In response to the disaster, authorities have closed train stations to ensure the safety of travelers and residents.

The magnitude of the flooding is even more concerning as it is occurring in parts of northern China that rarely experience such heavy rainfall. This unusual weather pattern has resulted in scores of deaths in regions that are not accustomed to dealing with such catastrophic flooding events.

The deluge has also had a devastating impact on vehicles, with cars being swept away and forming alarming stacks under the forceful rush of waters.

As the situation unfolds, rescue and relief efforts are underway to search for the missing and provide assistance to those affected by the floods. The authorities are working tirelessly to manage the aftermath of the floods and mitigate further risks to people and property in the affected regions.