China scrubs ex-Minister Qin Gang's past in hint of purge - The Hindu

In an unprecedented move, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was removed from his post after a mysterious 30-day public absence, raising speculation about the reasons behind his sudden departure. Interestingly, just seven months into his tenure, the Foreign Ministry swiftly scrubbed all information about Minister Qin from its official website.

During a daily briefing in Beijing, Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning declined to offer any details regarding the circumstances surrounding Mr. Qin’s removal. The lack of transparency has only fueled further speculation about the reasons for this sudden change in leadership. Previously, the Foreign Ministry had cited health reasons as the cause for the former Minister’s absence from meetings in Jakarta last month.

The unexplained removal of a high-ranking official like Qin Gang hints at the possibility of a political purge or internal power struggle within the Chinese government. The situation has drawn significant attention both within China and internationally, as the country’s leadership dynamics continue to evolve behind the scenes.