Ex-intel officer says U.S. hiding info on alien craft - The Hindu

In a notable testimony before a House Oversight subcommittee, retired Air Force intelligence officer Maj. David Grusch made startling claims about the U.S. government’s alleged cover-up of a longstanding program focused on retrieving and reverse engineering unidentified flying objects (UFOs). According to Grusch, this covert program has been in existence for a considerable period. However, the Pentagon has firmly denied these allegations.

The testimony delved into the intriguing world of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), the official term used by the U.S. government in place of UFOs. While discussions about mysterious aircraft and objects often spark talk of extraterrestrial life and “little green men,” both Democrats and Republicans have shown growing interest in recent years due to national security concerns. They believe that these sightings, observed by pilots, could be linked to potential threats posed by U.S. adversaries.

Grusch’s revelations have added further momentum to the calls for increased research into these phenomena, with an emphasis on understanding any potential national security implications. The subject continues to captivate the public’s imagination and remains a matter of great interest and scrutiny at the highest levels of government.