Joe Biden, Xi want to see a 'much better relationship', says former U.S.  ambassador - The Hindu

According to former U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, both President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping aspire to establish a “much better relationship” between their countries. Despite this shared goal, the relationship faces challenges stemming from deep-rooted mistrust and the sensitive Taiwan issue.

Baucus suggests that building trust may necessitate unilateral actions rather than getting bogged down by the principle of reciprocity. As a starting point, he advises the U.S. to consider repealing sanctions on the Chinese Defence Minister, a move that has hindered the resumption of military dialogues between the two nations.

Regarding Taiwan, Baucus advocates for maintaining the status quo and encourages both sides to work towards stability in the region.

While the U.S. is strengthening security ties with allies and partners like India to address China’s influence, Baucus highlights that the primary challenge lies in trade and commercial aspects of the relationship.

The U.S.-China relationship remains complex and multifaceted, and both countries continue to seek common ground amidst their differences. As they navigate these challenges, the importance of constructive dialogue and proactive measures to build confidence and stability is paramount.