2024 GOP candidates desperate to make debate stage are finding creative ways  to boost donor numbers - ABC News

With the upcoming Republican National Committee debate in Milwaukee on August 23, GOP candidates are facing the challenge of meeting the requirement to gather support from a minimum of 40,000 donors nationwide. For candidates who may not enjoy the same level of recognition as former President Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, this poses a significant hurdle. However, some hopefuls are employing creative tactics to boost their donor numbers and secure their place on the debate stage.

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy’s Fundraising Incentive

Biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has unveiled a unique plan to incentivize donors and increase support for his campaign. He offers individuals who raise funds on his behalf the opportunity to retain 10% of the donations they gather from other contributors. This approach not only encourages supporters to actively participate in fundraising efforts but also rewards their commitment and dedication. By empowering his backers to have a direct stake in the campaign’s success, Ramaswamy aims to build a strong grassroots network of supporters.

Governor Doug Burgum’s Gift Card Initiative

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has adopted an innovative approach to incentivize campaign donations, irrespective of their size. He offers $20 Mastercard or Visa gift cards to individuals who make contributions, even as little as $1. This strategy recognizes that every contribution matters and ensures that supporters feel appreciated for their financial support. By offering a tangible reward, Governor Burgum creates an additional incentive for individuals to contribute to his campaign, ultimately boosting donor numbers.

Businessman Perry Johnson’s Book Offer

Businessman Perry Johnson has taken a distinct approach to enhance his donor base by offering copies of his book in exchange for campaign contributions. By leveraging his expertise and knowledge, Johnson provides a valuable resource to individuals who contribute to his campaign. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows donors to access insightful content while supporting Johnson’s candidacy. Such an initiative not only attracts potential donors but also showcases Johnson’s unique perspectives and positions, setting him apart from other candidates.

Embracing Innovation for Success

The utilization of innovative strategies by GOP candidates demonstrates their commitment to standing out in a crowded field and meeting the required donor threshold. These creative approaches not only incentivize potential supporters but also foster stronger connections between candidates and their donor base. By engaging donors through unique incentives, candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy, Doug Burgum, and Perry Johnson are expanding their reach, cultivating a dedicated network of supporters, and increasing their chances of participating in the upcoming Republican National Committee debate.


As the Republican National Committee debate approaches, GOP candidates are actively seeking ways to boost their donor numbers and secure their position on the stage. Through innovative fundraising approaches, such as Vivek Ramaswamy’s donor incentives, Doug Burgum’s gift card initiative, and Perry Johnson’s book offer, candidates are showcasing their commitment to grassroots engagement and building meaningful connections with their supporters. These creative strategies not only enhance donor participation but also provide candidates with a competitive edge in a challenging political landscape.