Iraqi PM visits Syria in first trip since Syrian war - The Hindu

In a historic development, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani embarked on an official visit to Syria on Sunday. This marks the first visit by an Iraqi premier since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011. The purpose of the trip is to bolster economic ties and secure the shared border between the two nations.

Despite the challenges posed by the Syrian war, Iraq and Syria have maintained a strong bond characterized by close economic, military, and political relations, particularly with regional heavyweight Iran. While other Arab states withdrew their ambassadors and closed their embassies in Syria, Iraq and Syria sustained their diplomatic ties, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining their relationship amidst the conflict.

Strengthening Economic and Border Cooperation

The official visit of Prime Minister Al-Sudani to Syria carries significant implications for bilateral cooperation between the two nations. A primary objective of the visit is to enhance economic ties, opening avenues for trade and investment. By deepening economic cooperation, Iraq and Syria aim to strengthen their respective economies and foster mutual prosperity.

Additionally, the trip seeks to address the importance of securing the shared border between Iraq and Syria. Given their geographical proximity and historical ties, maintaining a stable and secure border is crucial for the stability and security of both nations. By collaborating on border security measures, Iraq and Syria can work towards safeguarding their territorial integrity and combatting common security threats effectively.

A Testament to Regional Unity

The enduring relationship between Iraq and Syria, despite the challenges posed by the Syrian war, highlights the shared interests and regional dynamics at play. Both nations enjoy close ties to regional heavyweight Iran and have weathered the storm of the conflict while other Arab states distanced themselves. This visit serves as a testament to the resilience and importance of regional unity in the face of adversity.

A Step Toward Stability and Cooperation

The historic visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani to Syria signals a significant step towards stability and cooperation in the region. By engaging in constructive dialogue and fostering closer ties, Iraq and Syria aim to promote peace, security, and prosperity. The visit holds promise for strengthening economic relations, securing the shared border, and paving the way for future collaboration in various spheres.


The official visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani to Syria represents a historic moment, underscoring the enduring ties between the two nations. By focusing on economic cooperation and border security, Iraq and Syria aim to strengthen their partnership and foster mutual development. This visit serves as a symbol of regional unity and highlights the potential for stability and cooperation amidst challenging circumstances.