Israel battles quiet internal upheaval after passage of controversial bill  on weakening Supreme Court - The Hindu

The Israeli Parliament’s approval of a contentious law that could restrict the Supreme Court’s powers has triggered a series of consequences, leading to a quiet upheaval in the country. The bill, which prevents judicial checks on political power, forms a significant aspect of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to overhaul the nation’s justice system. The passage of this law came after weeks of intense protests that had a profound impact on the Jewish state.

In the aftermath of the bill’s approval, the country has witnessed a surge of discontent, manifesting in various forms. Angry protests initially erupted, but they have now been followed by other significant developments. There have been threats of mass emigration, resignations from critical positions, instances of army desertions, strikes, and capital flight.

The situation reflects the deep divisions and tensions within Israel regarding the direction of its justice system and the extent of judicial oversight on political matters. The passage of this controversial bill has sparked a wave of uncertainty and unrest, further complicating the already complex political landscape in the country.