Konstantin Sonin on Twitter: "The famed journalist Elena Milashina tried to  attend, with a lawyer, the court sentencing of the old mother of an  opponent of Ramsan Kadyrov, a Putin's hand in

Journalist and Lawyer Attacked by Masked Assailants in Chechnya Province

In a disturbing incident near the airport, a group of unidentified masked assailants blocked the vehicle of a journalist and a lawyer in Russia’s Chechnya province. The assailants subjected them to a violent beating, shedding light on the recurring human rights abuses prevailing in the region.

Elena Milashina, a respected journalist from Novaya Gazeta, and Alexander Nemov, a lawyer, had traveled to Chechnya to attend the trial of Zarema Musayeva. Zarema is the mother of two local activists who have courageously challenged the authorities in Chechnya.