Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web is among the leading managed hosting Suppliers on the market. They supply high-performance managed web hosting infrastructure to power your site or web app. Their hosting services are optimized for popular apps, including WordPress, WooCommerce, superior company email, and much more.

What makes Liquid Web the top managed web host evaluation is they provide custom-built server clusters which are optimized for popular apps. In addition they help you manage everything, so you don’t need to deal with any technicalities of optimizing and keep your server, which gives you peace of mind. Unlike conventional hosting suppliers, they only offer managed hosting services for both VPS and dedicated servers.

With managed WordPress hosting plans, you’ll get a customized control panel to handle multiple WordPress sites. With every other plan, you get a choice of using cPanel/WHM or Plesk. Regardless of which plans you’re using, they’re highly dependable and flexible, which means you can conduct your websites and programs the way you want without traffic limits.

Liquid Web Has recently launched a managed WooCommerce hosting service, which allows you to build resource-heavy eCommerce store without needing to spend your cash and resources on optimizing your servers. Unlike other WooCommerce hosting providers, Liquid Web has assembled a separate set of WooCommerce tables to manage and save order information for fostering server performance.


1. Backing of Large Clients:

Liquid Web isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill internet hosting service. It really caters to a large number of really well-known and highly reputed brand names. This internet service is really so string it powers giants like Porsche, National Geographic, and Home Depot. Liquid Web has server packs for WordPress, cloud solutions, and exceptionally dedicated servers to finish their tasks with. It’s the preferred choice for many large companies when it comes to managed hosting.

This is An edge for any company who is searching for a trusted web hosting service. When you understand a specific facility is good enough for such enormous brand, it’s good enough for just about any enterprise. Plus having your name connected to famous brand names would automatically up its reputation and hence its sales too.

2. Dedicated and High-Performing Upgrades:

Liquid Web gives a strong foundation on which any business can build their site with confidence and surety. The servers that they supply come in several distinct configurations as per a organization’s needs. You can decide on a basic server that has one chip, 16GB RAM or go for a more luxurious option with 32GB RAM.

3. High Security

Liquid Web Hosting would supply its clients with a great deal of security features. Additionally, there are backups performed nightly, which may potentially save a lot of information in worst case situations.

4. Uptime Advantages

Finding Down a site is more than enough to turn away many clients away from your business. With Liquid Web, companies can be sure of having their sites up and running most of the time.

5. Great Customer Support:

The Customer support with Liquid Web is significantly enhanced with a group of informed and knowledgeable individuals. All these people have no hesitation in assisting anyone who reaches out to them for help or to register a complaint. They supply contact through chat, telephone, and a lot of different mediums.


1. Highly Expensive

As mentioned previously, not every humble-startup can make use of Liquid Web excellent web hosting services. Considering that the ceremony is at this high degree, one has to be prepared to pay the purchase price. The cost of Liquid Web hosting bundles may not be so much for large corporations. But individuals starting their own business, new start-ups, and fighting local companies are usually unable to shell out such a massive amount straight away.

The large expense of Liquid Web means that small businesses wouldn’t have some room for expansion trough this means. This is quite a shame, since more and more clients are now looking towards local businesses to be able to purchase sensibly. Expensive hosting services consequently only promote the company culture rather than fostering a welcoming environment for smaller opponents.

2. No Shared Hosting

Among the reasons why Liquid Web Hosting is so expensive is that it does not allow for shared hosting providers. Along with different benefits, this choice would have made this specific service quite a bit more economical. There are numerous other reputable web hosting providers online which have more affordable packages along with shared hosting options.

Customer Support Overview:

Liquid Web gives you 24 hours stay expert solution where your issues will be solved by technical specialists in a few minutes.

In The help desk page, you will find the list of issues shared by new web creators and the solutions supplied by Liquid Web technical team, which can help you understand better.

I Recommend live chat support to my own readers, as in live chat alternatives once you explain your problems to the technical staff they will immediately fix it for you.

Final Recap

Liquid Web is one of the best managed web Hosting companies. It supplies a high profile hosting infrastructure optimized for popular programs, such as WordPress and WooCommerce. They ensure high availability constantly by syncing your own files between two servers while retaining the same copy of your project on each redundant server.

In the event they Fail to satisfy their 100% uptime guarantee, they will credit you 10x the amount of time you were down.

If you’re searching For a hosting solution which also offers 100% network and power uptime To your WordPress site or eCommerce store, then Liquid Web is right for you!