France president Emmanuel Macron weakened by crisis over police killing -  The Hindu

Emmanuel Macron’s ability to govern France, already a polarized nation, has become increasingly challenging following the tragic killing of a teenager by a police officer, which has sparked six days of widespread unrest throughout the country.

Even during normal times, Macron relied on support from various political allies to effectively govern. He collaborated with the traditional right on certain matters and sought assistance from the center-left to accomplish other objectives. However, the current crisis presents a monumental challenge unlike any faced by a French leader in over two decades. Macron now finds himself in the arduous task of persuading politicians from across the national assembly to back even minor domestic initiatives.

The recent incident involving a suburban police officer stopping a yellow Class A Mercedes and fatally shooting the 17-year-old driver in the chest has further exacerbated the existing polarization in the country. The ensuing six days of unrest have compounded the difficulties faced by Macron, making effective governance an increasingly daunting endeavor.