Jury delivers verdict over Brussels extremist attacks that killed 32 - The  Hindu

A jury in Belgium has delivered its verdict, finding six individuals guilty of terrorist murder for their involvement in the extremist attacks that occurred in Brussels in 2016. These attacks resulted in the deaths of 32 people, making them Belgium’s deadliest peacetime violence. The extremist attacks were claimed by the Islamic State group.

Among those convicted for their roles in the suicide bombings at Brussels’ airport and a subway station is Salah Abdeslam. Abdeslam is already serving a life sentence without parole in France for his involvement in the 2015 Paris attacks, which targeted cafes, the Bataclan theater, and France’s national stadium.

The verdict brings some measure of justice for the victims and their families affected by the devastating attacks. It also underscores the continued efforts by authorities to hold those responsible for acts of terrorism accountable. The events serve as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by extremist ideologies and the importance of maintaining vigilance in combatting terrorism.