Square Online – Everything You Need to Know

Square Online is an easy-to-use, cheap ecommerce site builder. You will receive great significance from Square Online’s sales attributes and customer service, but its layout flexibility is a bit limited. Read on for an in-depth overview of Square Online’s functionality!

We have analyzed this online shop builder, and it’s safe to say we’re impressed at what this double action has generated. While we’d advocate Weebly for smaller businesses, we would recommend Square Online for little ecommerce businesses, particularly if you already have a brick and mortar store or are looking to find great value for your money.

How Easy is Square Online to Work?

The Square online builder is extremely simple to use, and establishing an accounts is a rather quick procedure.

When you’ve an account, it just gets easier. Bear in mind, this is Weebly’s applications, also Weebly gets the 2nd greatest customer rating of any builder we have put through consumer testing — so we are surprised by Square Online’s impressive simplicity of use.

It is almost impossible to”mess up” when making your online shop with Square, and the installation procedure is actually fast. You are going to be provided a general design to utilize, which you may edit to add your organization’s logo along with your desired fonts and colors. You do not require any previous technical knowledge to begin selling on Square Online, however that said, that the tradeoff is that personalization choices can be restricted. Our consumer testing discovered “that It’s easy to personalize the template, but there simply appears to be a single default template which you can then customize to your liking — there is not much option unless you are prepared to actually play around with the design.

Square Onlineā€™s Sales Tools and Features

Square Online delivers powerful sales attributes, and can work especially well if you already use the Square POS system in your brick and mortar shop. The fact you can access all this for free makes it incredibly good value — something we’ll pay more in the ‘Pricing’ section.

Adding goods

It’s easy to add products to a store, and crucially, to add variations of those products, too. You can even add modifiers, enabling customers to personalize their products — ideal if you are selling gifts.

And establishing new classes is really simple. So easy, in actuality, that Square Online will suggest categories for you based on how similar goods are categorized across the web.

It’s easy to do via Square Online, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid program first.

Managing stock

You are able to handle all inventory from the centralized dashboard, including stock levels available in various locations. Keep this up to date, and Square will look after the rest.

You can use Square Online to update your stock to reflect the following modifications:

Stock obtained: Adds the amount you input to the current total for existing inventory, and sets the stock number for new items.

Inventory recount: Replaces the present stock total with the amount you input, or sets the stock number for new products.

Restock yield: Adds the number you enter to the present inventory total.

Damage: Decreases the stock number by the amount you enter.

Theft: Decreases the inventory amount by the amount you enter.

Loss: Decreases the inventory amount by the amount you enter.

Payment Processing

While most ecommerce programs will supply an entire assortment of payment processing options, together with Square Online, the sole alternative is well, Square. You might even include PayPal if you’ve got a Performance or Premium program.

Square is a superb payment processor, do not get us wrong — however, that the absence of selection sets it apart from bigger ecommerce programs.

Shipping options

If it comes to setting up your transport, Square Online provides you plenty of options.

You will need to select how you’d like the shipping price to be computed for every territory you are sending to.

Flat rate — apply a normal delivery rate for your order, irrespective of its dimensions.

Free shipping — either always free, or free when it fulfills certain standards

Order weight — adjusted speed so that thicker things have a high delivery cost

Purchase total — shipping rate is increased or reduced depending on the value of this Purchase

Item quantity — adjust delivery cost based on the Amount of items purchased

Actual time rates* — shipping cost is automatically calculated based on destination state, weight, and live transport costs.


Square Online has amazed us with its Weebly-esque store builder. We would happily recommend it to low-volume vendors, but would recommend a more scalable platform for individuals currently selling large volumes, or with ambitions to do so.