Expert Explains: With PM Modi's visit, how India-France ties might shape up  with a new roadmap for 2047 | Explained News,The Indian Express

In the latest episode of Worldview with Suhasini Haidar, we delve into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France, exploring the deepening strategic partnership and its significance for both nations.

A momentous occasion took place as Indian and French troops marched together during France’s National Day, also known as Bastille Day. Prime Minister Modi was invited as the Chief Guest by President Emmanuel Macron, highlighting the strength of the bilateral relationship. The grand display included a remarkable flypast featuring Indian Air Force Rafale fighter jets, while the INS Chennai docked at France’s Brest port. This symbolic gesture underscored the shared commitment and cooperation between the two countries.

Marking a significant milestone, the visit coincided with the 25th anniversary of the France-India Strategic Partnership. The discussions held during the visit resulted in several agreements, which can be categorized into three key areas.

1. Defense and Security Collaboration

The strategic partnership between India and France has witnessed a substantial focus on defense and security cooperation. During the visit, both sides affirmed their commitment to strengthening this aspect further. The participation of Indian Rafale jets in the flypast and the docking of the INS Chennai showcased the close defense ties between the two nations. The discussions held in this regard aimed to enhance joint military exercises, technology transfers, and defense procurement.

2. Economic and Trade Relations

India and France share a robust economic relationship, and efforts to bolster trade ties were a significant focus of the visit. Discussions centered on expanding bilateral trade, promoting investments, and exploring avenues for collaboration in sectors such as renewable energy, infrastructure, and technology. Both sides acknowledged the immense potential for economic growth and expressed a mutual commitment to fostering an environment conducive to business and innovation.

3. Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Addressing global challenges, particularly climate change and sustainable development, formed a crucial part of the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Macron. Recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement and pledged to collaborate on climate action, clean energy transitions, and environmental conservation. This shared vision underscores the joint responsibility of India and France in mitigating the impacts of climate change and creating a sustainable future.

The visit of Prime Minister Modi to France served as a testament to the enduring strength and depth of the India-France relationship. The discussions and agreements reached during this visit will further solidify the bilateral ties, fostering mutual growth and cooperation in various spheres.

As the world faces an array of complex challenges, the partnership between India and France assumes heightened significance. By combining their strengths and shared values, the two nations can make substantial contributions to global peace, stability, and progress.