What is iThemes?

iThemes was established by Cory Miller in Oklahoma City in 2008 — back when WordPress was at rendition two and Barack Obama was first chosen US President. From that point forward, the iThemes domain has developed significantly, with representatives working in a scope of offices and across various disciplines.


After some time, with its center moving from topics to modules, iThemes reported it would be resigning its arrangement of subjects toward the finish of 2021. Be that as it may, iThemes currently offers clients Kadence Theme (and Kadence Blocks module), which it obtained when it bought the Kadence WP organization.

The expansion of a facilitating administration has made iThemes an expected choice for anybody searching for a solitary organization that can give them the majority of what’s expected to fabricate and deal with a fruitful WordPress site. You can find support with making your site and maintaining your business through the preparation content that is accessible by means of the on-request recordings and live online courses.

In this iThemes audit, I’ll cover Kadence Theme and Blocks module, investigate different devices accessible from iThemes, and look at its facilitating administration.

What Features iThemes Provide?

Underneath I will clarify some of iThemes Security alternatives that you can arrange.

1. Document Change Detection

No security framework is great. Indeed, even the best frameworks flop at some time. How can you say whether an unapproved client has gotten to your site? Typically, this is on the grounds that they’ve changed something.

Document Change Detection will make you aware of any progressions in your WordPress establishment with the goal that you can recognize which transforms you made and which ones you didn’t.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

iThemes Security two-Factor Authentication is an element that requires both your secret key and a code that is messaged to your cell phone or shipped off your email inbox.

You’ll have to enter both of these with each login endeavor. It may appear to be an aggravation, yet it uplifts the safety efforts so it can perceive who is endeavoring to sign in.

iThemes Security Tow-factor validation settings.

You can decide to wind down this element, as well as flipping it on and off for explicit clients who work on your site.

3. Passwordless Login

Passwordless login is another approach to check a client’s certifications without requiring a secret word. It’s a basic, secure arrangement that further develops the odds that the vast majority will get their records. 

iThemes Security passwordless login settings.

The passwordless login that iThemes Security Pro gives will send you an email containing a connection that will permit you to sign in to your WordPress account with the single tick of a catch. It expects admittance to that particular client’s email account, which adds an additional security layer.

4. Worldwide Settings Security Grade Report

Another remarkable component included with this WordPress security module is Security Grade Report. This report grades your WordPress security as per the module and settings you use to ensure your site.

You get a general letter grade, notwithstanding singular letter grades for security settings. You additionally get a rundown of angles about your site that need the most consideration.

With WordPress Security Grade Report, you can perceive how well your site is ensured. In the event that your grades are not palatable, the module prescribes steps to assist with raising those grades.

In case you don’t know what you need to do to make your site safer, you can generally visit that page to spot and take care of issues rapidly.

5. Malware Scan

Another extraordinary component is the Sucuri Sitecheck Malware Scan. Sucuri Sitecheck uses a 10-guide check toward scan your site for malware, blunders, and obsolete modules. You run this sweep each day with no oversight on your end.

Should Sucuri Sitecheck notice any issues, you can be cautioned with a notice. You can likewise physically check for malware whenever and get results back in a split second.

6. Variant Management

Justifiably, refreshing new modules can be an aggravation. Any subject or module can be hacked in case they are obsolete. This is on the grounds that they make weaknesses that programmers in the long run get on.

iThemes Security Pro has an element known as Version Management. This element will discover and put in new updates of WordPress, modules, and topics quickly so you are consistently in the know regarding the latest adaptations. 

In the event that you have sites that you don’t regularly refresh with content, Version Management can be an important instrument to keep more established locales remain got and secured.

7. Enchantment Links

Enchantment Links is another slick element that can be exceptionally useful to site proprietors and clients.

In the event that you have been locked out because of the Local Brute Force Protection include, you can demand that an exceptional message be shipped off your email address with a one of a kind method to log back in.

Then, at that point, you can log once more into WordPress by avoiding the lockout. The basic role of Magic Links is to keep programmers out while as yet permitting you and individuals you trust once again into WordPress.

Wizardry Links are secure and dependable, as well as being a fast method to return to WordPress in the event that you get locked out.

8. Away Mode

Away Mode just cripples admittance to your WordPress dashboard, with the goal that no one can sign in. Regardless of whether it be other confided in clients or likely programmers, it’s not possible for anyone to move in until Away Mode is wound down physically or consequently.

You can make the dashboard unavailable on a proper timetable with the goal that no one can sign in when you’re nowhere to be found. Like different elements, you can likewise physically dismiss Mode on and off, on the off chance that you don’t lean toward a decent timetable.

Away Mode is an amazing component if planning your site is your work, and you just permit others to access during your work hours.

How to use iThemes Security Pro Plugin

On Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting

iThemes Security Pro is a security module for WordPress which has many implicit provisions and brilliant defaults to assist with getting your site.

Note: iThemes Security Pro 7.0 requires WordPress 5.7 and PHP 7.0 or later.

After the module is introduced and enacted it will add another menu called Security in your WordPress administrator.

In form 7.0.0 now incorporates an arrangement to make setting up iThemes Security Pro significantly simpler and will assist you with getting iThemes Security Pro arrangement in less than 10 minutes.

Select the security site layout that best accommodates your site and afterward go through the unmistakable advances.

You can navigate every one of the means iThemes Security Pro to perceive what the current settings are. You can likewise peruse the iThemes Security Settings documentation to become familiar with each setting and what they do. When arrangement iThemes Security Pro module will ensure your site to:

Stop computerized assaults

Screen for dubious action

Reinforce client qualifications

Output for powerless modules and topics

Square terrible bots and diminish spam

iThemes Security Pro has various progressed highlights (which aren’t accessible in the free form).

iThemes Security Pro will work out security settings to the .htaccess document on the site’s worker and will roll out minor improvements to the site’s wp-config.php record. iThemes Security Pro incorporates various WordPress security changes however make sure to test these since they may cause module or topic issues on your site.

When you’re content with your settings ensure you click save and breathe a sigh of relief realizing your site is secured by both Nexcess and iThemes Security Pro.

For 24-hour help any day of the year, contact our help group by email or through your Client Portal.

iThemes Pricing

Get itheme Security Pro

iThemes security offers three distinctive valuing plans known as blogger, specialist and gold. It’s absolutely on you to pick any arrangement relying on the quantity of destinations you need to utilize iThemes security on.

Blogger – This is the essential arrangement given by iThemes security. This arrangement cost you $80 each year. This arrangement upholds one wordpress site. So this is a decent arrangement for the novices who oversee one site. This arrangement likewise incorporates ticket support, module updates and 10 iThemes sync destinations.

Consultant – This arrangement costs you $127 each year. With this arrangement you can give security and insurance to 10 destinations. Same as blogger plan it additionally gives your ticket support module refreshes and 10 iThemes sync destinations. This arrangement is a most ideal choice for medium scale business visionaries and consultants who deal with a limit of 10 locales.

Gold – This arrangement is best for huge offices. This arrangement costs you $197 each year. You can get and secure limitless size with this arrangement. Like go to the plant this arrangement additionally gives you ticket support, module updates and 10 iThemes sync locales.

iThemes sync assists you with dealing with various wordpress locales from one dashboard including a single tick WordPress update, uptime observing, WordPress subject and module administrator. And so forth

iThemes Security PRO And CONS:

Here are a few upsides and downsides of utilizing the iThemes Security module.


It has a free and premium adaptation

Works with network and multisite establishments

Records checking and malware filter

Moderate estimating

Simple to utilize dashboard interface

Countless security settings and alternatives


1. It could break your site. This is plausible with all security modules, contingent upon different variables and the progressions that these modules make. That is the reason it’s a smart thought to make a total reinforcement prior to rolling out any huge improvements utilizing iThemes.

2. It doesn’t generally cooperate well with certain web facilitating suppliers. Certain low-RAM shared facilitating suppliers or VPS perform inadequately with this module. Issues are more observable when utilizing progressed highlights like document change recognition, prefix evolving, and so on

3. You might in any case have to alter the access document to apply certain capacities physically.

4. iThemes Security is intended to assist with working on the security of your WordPress establishment from numerous normal assault techniques, yet it can’t forestall each conceivable assault.

Our Verdict

We accept all WordPress sites profit with introducing a security module. The lone inquiry is which one is best for your site.

iThemes Security is quite possibly the most famous and exceptionally appraised security modules in the WordPress.org catalog.

We discovered iThemes Security module simple to utilize, regardless of whether you’re inexperienced with security language or best practices. It unmistakably clarifies each component on your dashboard. While there’re a great deal of choices, they’re introduced in a way that is not very overpowering.