HostGator is among the greatest and most popular hosting companies on the planet.

Within this comprehensive HostGator review, we’ll place their guarantees through our testing procedure. Following are the places We’ll look into:

Reliability: Can your site be accessible 24/7/365 with no downtime?

Performance: How quickly will your site load HostGator? We’ll conduct our own performance evaluations to examine this.

Client Support: Could you rely on their Customer Care? Are you going to be able to readily get help when required?

Characteristics: Why do their characteristics enable you to create and manage your site?

Prices: Can they offer the best pricing in business? Are there some HostGator deals that will save you money?

Bottom Line: Want to skip the details? To summarize, we discovered HostGator to be a dependable and consumer-friendly hosting agency. Their 24/7 customer service is one of the very best.

That is why we’ve included HostGator among the greatest WordPress hosting firms.

Let us jump into the more detail-oriented elements of the HostGator review. This can allow you to discover if HostGator is perfect for your site.

Around HostGator

HostGator was set in 2002 and grew rapidly to become one of the largest hosting companies on the planet. It is possible to credit the massive increase for their excellent shared hosting programs, dependable hosting, and superior client services. They’ve 850+ workers offering round the clock service and service companies of all sizes.

Pros and Cons of HostGator

Like any other product and service, every hosting firm has their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of HostGator we heard.


Reputable hosting: HostGator promises an uptime of 99.99%. Should you encounter downtime under that, then you are going to receive a back 1 monthly charge on your accounts.

Generous money-back guarantee: HostGator provides 45 days money-back guarantee.

Flexible charging intervals: You can select between monthly and annual billing periods. Longer charging periods will get one of the maximum reduction.

Free migration: HostGator provides free migration support with new accounts. Their specialist team will move your site from the past host at no excess cost during the initial 30 days of registering.


No more free domain name: Unlike most other hosting firms, HostGator will not offer you a completely free domain registration upon enrolling.

Aggressive upselling: You want to examine the further services pre-selected through the join procedure. If you’re uncertain, then assess them .

HostGator Performance

What could you do if you register for a server and find your site is slow and frequently disappears? You would need to change suppliers, which may cost you more money and hassle.

That is why you would like to pick a hosting firm that’s faithfully fast with steady performance listing all around. But how can you get this info?

We chose to assess HostGator‘s functionality by conducting our own evaluations.

HostGator Speed Test Results

The most significant performance index is the rate. A quicker website is fantastic for the customers, and in addition, it helps your search engine optimization rankings.

Actually, studies indicate that 1 minute delay in page loading will probably cost you 7 percent less conversions, 11 percent less page views, and 16 percent drop in user satisfaction.

For our comprehensive HostGator inspection, we made a test website in order to discover how quickly HostGator is. We also erased dummy articles for theme development, such as pictures.

As you can see our evaluation site loaded in only under a second to get a host in Dallas, Texas. That is quicker than 94 percent of tested websites.

That is fine but would your website function under peak traffic ?

To examine that we used an instrument named LoadImpact. It sends virtual users to your site and slowly increases the amount of users in your website up to 100 simultaneously.

The green line at the graph is page loading time and the blue line indicates the amount of consumers on the website.

These results are especially great for a shared hosting accounts. Bear in mind that on a shared hosting accounts, you discuss server resources with other websites hosted on that exact same server. You’ll have to update your hosting account if you start gaining more traffic at exactly the exact same moment. As an instance, if your site has many pictures, then it increases the page loading time.

HostGator Serve Response Time

This impacts your host’s speed test outcomes. We wanted to observe how quickly the HostGator server really reacts.

To examine this, we used an instrument named Bitcatcha. It functions differently than other site speed testing applications. Rather than loading the information, it simply tests the reaction time of this server.

Additionally, it runs the exam three times from several locations spread all around the world to acquire the normal response time for every place.

Our HostGator review website performed extremely well. The host response time stayed less than a moment. In the USA, it had been only 37 ms.

Total, this result suggests your website will load fast around the globe.

HostGator Hosting Plans And Features

HostGator provides a number of hosting plans.

Let us take a look at these programs provided by HostGator.

Shared Hosting: On shared hosting environment, your site shares resources with other sites hosted on that exact same server. This strategy is appropriate if your site becomes regular traffic spikes.

WordPress hosting: This really is their shared hosting program optimized for WordPress powered sites. It optimizes performance and protects your site from some shared WordPress strikes. It’s acceptable for growing sites with regular traffic spikes. But in addition, it includes fantastic responsibility since you are going to need to keep it on your own.

Breakdown Of HostGator’s Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans are fantastic for new sites and novices. They permit you to easily set up your site, which means that you may begin focusing on getting more visitors and developing your company. You may later update your hosting as your site grows. All plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage. The most important distinction is the variety of sites you’ll be able to host.

Hatchling: The Hatchling program lets you host just 1 web site. It features a 1-click WordPress installer and features a normal set of attributes.

Baby: Your Baby program lets you host unlimited sites. It comprises all the characteristics of Hatchling program, and you could also use addons like personal SSL.

Business: suitable for small business sites. This strategy incorporates free SSL certificate and totally free dedicated IP that you’ll have to make an eCommerce site.

HostGator Service and Customer Support

HostGator provides among the greatest customer support in the business. Including 24/7 phone and live chat service in addition to ticket-based email service.

In your hosting dashboard, you’ll discover their service portal. This portal can help you find fast answers in the knowledge base of 680+ posts and 500+ movie tutorials. Should you ever have an issue with the normal support, then it is possible to request your ticket to be delegated to Adam. He’ll really respond to every ticket assigned.

Conclusion: Why Is HostGator the Ideal Choice for You?

Now you’ve read our comprehensive HostGator review, you’re most likely wondering if HostGator is ideal for you?

HostGator features a variety of hosting plans that match all requirements and budgets. They provide all of the resources you’ll have to construct a web site.

More than two million customers have already reliable HostGator. Whether you’re an experienced online expert, or just starting out with your very first site, you will discover every essential instrument to bring your site to the next degree.